Aathichudi is a play school initiative by a group of three IT enthusiasts, who have the vision and passion to redefine the way, the child education system perceived in India. On continuous research into the realm of Play School/Pre School methods followed worldwide, we realized that most of the leading brands in this industry were not providing a platform to develop the inherent but undeveloped talent that was hidden within each child. This very reason provoked us to develop a preschool system that concentrates on an overall holistic development of a kid – “Aathichudi”.

The triangle consisting of parent-student-teacher plays a vital role in education. It is an equilateral triangle where role of each is same and interconnected with each other. Children absorb information and facts from the very young. For healthy development of the child a conducive environment is also needed. Parents are the first teachers of the children and they provide with life lessons. Parents provide just the right kind of environment they feel that is suitable for their children. Parents are role model of their children. But then comes a time, when children are sent off to school. There they get introduced to their second teachers. But the role of parents does not stop once children start schooling. In fact regular interaction with teachers will help the child to grow and help him or her become a complete individual.

Best Ways Teachers can Help Parents

    1) Communication with Parents
    2) Keeping abreast with school information
    3) Choose proper communication tools

Best Ways Teachers can Help Children

    1) Communicate with children
    2) Encourage children to work independently
    3) Set High goals

Best Ways Parents can help Children

    1) Ask the right question
    2) Avoid comparison
    3) Establish regular contact with your child’s teacher
    4) Volunteer in school