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  • APR 06

    5th ANNUAL DAY


Want to do some change in our Educational system? Come, Join hands with Aathichudi and together we develop our Nation’s future leaders.

Why starting Aathichudi Franchisee is a wise investment?

Developing a pre-school involves a lot of hard work and planning. There are several tasks need to be listed out and followed meticulously. This may start from searching for a perfect space and developing the infrastructure to finally recruiting the staff and marketing your business.

But taking our franchisee, you are freed from all these problems as we have already established our school and curriculum. We provide you support in all activities starting from place selection, getting necessary certifications, marketing, designing curriculum & syllabus to admitting children.

Most of all, as our Head office is located in Chennai you will be provided with 24/7 assistance.

Requirements to start a play school:

  • 1. Initial investment of around
  • 2. Place of school (Place / house should constitute classrooms, play area, wash rooms, pantry and office)

Write to us to know more about Franchise