Aathichudi’s curriculum blends the merits of the world famous approaches of Early Childhood Education methods namely Montessori Approach, Indian Gurukul System and Finland’s Early Childhood Education Systems. It also carefully review and imbibe the latest technology trends in the childhood curriculum and also continuously studies and integrates the various successful approaches that are followed worldwide: Waldorf Approach, High Scope Approach, The Bank Street Approach to name a few.

AEES (Aathichudi Early Education System) is unique, creative and nurturing curriculum which is designed to meet many of a child’s physical and development needs. We are proud to say that we are the only school who has patent for our curriculum. Our system combines the best of Indian Gurkul, western Montessori and Finland early education system. The system nurtures children to develop their hidden talent by giving them various opportunities.

Aathichudi Early Education System (AEES) believe in teaching children about a wide range of cultures, and most actively seek a diverse student body. If you'd like your child to be exposed to kids from all walks of life, this might be the place. Aathichudi teachers believe that even children with special needs can bring something important to a group. Although the curricula is designed for children between 1.5 years and 5 years, we strongly believe that the childhood education for kids start at the embryo stage itself. We also occasionally conduct classes for Pregnant Ladies which has a great impact on the foetus in a positive way as believed in traditional Indian culture.

Apart from academic education, we at Aathichudi celebrates all cultural, traditional and national festivals to provide a knowledge of our diversified Indian cultures. This also revisits the traditional techniques followed in Indian systems such as Reciting Rhyming Songs, Visits to the Teachers house, Developing life skills such as preparing own food, Celebrating all festivals irrespective of religion, Sand Play, Nature Walks etc.,