In Aathichudi, we want to teach children about our culture, heritage and tradition along with modern educational systems. So our curriculum embeds Indian gurukul which imparts traditional values, Western Montessori for developing gross and fine motor skills and Finland’s early education systems which brings out the inborn talents in children.

Aathichudi is a play school initiative by a group of three IT enthusiasts, who have the vision and passion to redefine the way, the child education system perceived in India. On continuous research into the realm of Play School/Pre School methods followed worldwide, we realized that most of the leading brands in this industry were not providing a platform to develop the inherent but undeveloped talent that was hidden within each child. This very reason provoked us to develop a preschool system that concentrates on an overall holistic development of a kid – “Aathichudi”.

Apart from this the motherhood feelings inherent in them which is very rare amongst men is the main force which drives them to sustain in this industry and make a great success. Most of all, the franchisees will be getting 24/7 support as the Head Office is located in Chennai.

Teachers – or “Gurus” as they are called in this system – will provide a platform for the young learners to learn and explore things on their own by stimulating their minds with inquisitive questions and reasons. The system follows a blend of modern techniques with traditional approach which makes the learning process easier and stronger for the child to perceive. Children are always asked if they want to try a task, if they need help doing it, or if they feel they aren't ready. Gurus also like to involve parents closely in their children's education — the teacher-student-parent bond is carefully cultivated.

At Aathichudi, we always encourage parents or guardians to:

  • Openly share and ask for information about their children.
  • Feel involved in the care of their children.
  • Learn about child development.
  • Gain access to community, resources if needed.
  • Stay informed through a monthly newsletter.
  • Request Parent- Teacher conferences as desired, to discuss a child’s development, interests and achievements.